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Dear friends,

Welcome to our page. We are a Marxist political party of Greece under the name OAKKE (Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece). OAKKE was established in 1985. We support that Russian imperialism is today the main threat for all humanity, just like Hitler was in the ‘30s-‘40s. Our objective is to reconstruct the Communist Party on the base of the proletariat’s revolutionary experience.

From 1985 we have participated in all national elections and euro-elections and we fight against the red-brown political current.


(Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece)






The absolute lie is nowadays what is considered to be the obvious. This happens because everyone conceives as true what the basic Greek parties agree to. Everybody thinks that, as they all struggle for power against each other and nevertheless agree in some points, the truth must lay in there. However, as they are all parties of deception, it is the biggest lies that lay in that convergence points, which the media make “national”.

Two lies that appear to be the truth

The first national lie is that we’ve gone bankrupt due to theft.

Indeed, many crafty people with connections, numerous impudent tax evaders, a lot of corrupt bureaucrats and the political expressors of the above have looted the country...

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OAKKE participates in the protest march of Dec 15 organized by EGAM

OAKKE (Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece) supports the protest march of EGAM against racism, anti-Semitism and neo-nazism and will participate to it. The democrats in Greece, in Europe and all over the world must unite and demolish the first parliamentary, openly nazi party in the planet, after World War II.

Article that was published at on February 1, 2012


The regime’s already wide-spread interpretation of bankruptcy is the one presented by Samaras-Tsipras-Kouvelis2 and their pseudo-Keynesianeconomists”. Whoever liberal bourgeois wants to politically survive or keep his/her job at the media has actually adhered to the position of the above, saying that we may at first have got the country into huge debt but the great damage, the great internal ravage, unemployment and poverty, that is the uncontrollable heavy indebtedness and bankruptcy, have been caused by the EU itself through its various memorandums and its medium-term programs. This thesis is summarized as follows: it wasn’t the bankruptcy that has brought about the memorandum but the memorandum that has caused bankruptcy.

From the very start of the Greek crisis, the...

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An article about recent developments in Greece first published at the blog of OAKKE “” on November 2, 2011



Greece on the path of political irregularity so that the EU be subjugated to the Russo-Chinese axis

Down with the pseudo-dilemmas

With the evidence at our disposal so far, we may present the following appraisal of the developments that have followed the provocateur PM’s announcement that would hold a referendum.  

Everything indicates that G. Papandreou has in a different way followed the same arbitrary movement that the neo-black shirts bullies of the pseudo-CPG and SYN parties along with the classic nazis and fascists of all kinds triggered off on October 28 national anniversary. By halting the central military parade and half-destroying all the others while keeping untouched only the one in Alexandroupoli where a force of the Russian army paraded, that is their...

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22 years from the heroic uprising of the Chinese people in Tien An Men

Circulate below message

We support and we post here the appeal of the human rights activist Jens Galschiot in co-operation with the Democracy Movement in Hong Kong against the ban of Chinese State of any reference to Tien An Men massacre. We stand in solidarity with the Chinese democrats who fight against the brutal fascist regime of their country and we honour the 22nd anniversary of the heroic democratic uprising of Tien An Men square. We call upon democrats to cancel the attempt of the Chinese regime to impose a wall of silence over the Tien An Men uprising.

30 May 2011 – can be downloaded from:

Appeal to the press, artists, working places, libraries, universities, and other institutions of education

Give the Chinese students their history back!

Help mark the 22nd anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. In 1989 the Chinese students occupied the Tiananmen Square in Beijing for months in an attempt to press the Chinese government to take steps towards democracy and to fight against corruption. But on 4th June 1989 the regime threw in the army against the unarmed students...

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Article published at OAKKE’s blog “” and at the web page “” in the Greek language on March 23, 2011







The military attack on Libya by order of the UN Security Council is a qualitative leap, a blatant violation of the basic principle of peaceful coexistence, which means the non-intervention of a state on the internal affairs of another, that is the non-deprivation of its right to choose its government and the way of its governing. If the reasoning of this intervention were to be accepted, then every internal struggle within a country of a bloody character would enable the 5 permanent members of the Security Council to impose governing and share power according to the strength of each one of them. If this is combined with the fact that the 3 dominant out of those 5 states are the over-interventionist and arrogant US, the annexationist neo-hitlerian Russia, and the economically greedy China, one may surmise  the era of savagery on international affairs that the intervention on Libya is setting off.    

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This is the full text of the poster of the Iranian refugees in Greece translated in English:



 We are political refugees from Iran in Greece. Many of us have passed through jails and torture because we

defended democracy and we resisted the inhuman dictatorship of the islamic régime of Iran.


 In the 1st of September we began a peacuful protest in Propylaia (ATHENS, GREECE) so as to be granted political asylum, just like it is granted to the Iranian political prisoners in all the European countries. But in Greece, the governements don’t grant us the asylum, but a card to last only for six months, indicating only that we have filed an application for political asylum. These applications meet no official answer. We want to stay in Greece. But if we were told in written form « no » , we could go to a European embassy in Athens and be granted the political asylum from another country.

 Instead, they don’t give an answer, « yes » or « no », but only a temporary renewal of the card for six months, and six months on etc. Thus, we are trapped here  even for years, with children that were born here and know only of greek as a language, but we are living with the nightmare of being deported depending on the diplomatic relations between the Greek government and the government of Iran.

 After 45 days of protesting in Propylaia, we sadly noted a barrier of indiferrence from the part of the government, but also a barrier of silence as far as the  mass media are concerned.

 The masses in Greece know nothing of us. Despite this, people passing by in front of us in Propylaia have already supported us with 10,000 signatures. Finally, so as for the Media to understand the urgency and the size of our problem, and for the greek people to be informed  we decided to begin a hunger strike. At the same time, we made the same thing the Iranian freedom fighters do in prison to show to their torturers that they are never going to speak. We sewd our lips with needle and thread. We did not do so to indicate that we are not going to speak, but instead to show that we were talking but we were not heard. Most of all, we did it to say openly that we do not want to go back to Iran at any cost, because that will be equivalent to our death.

 That’s why we ask for the Greek people’s support so as to be given political asylum.


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At the beginning of the incidents there was youth’s rage against the police. Every youngster has at least once been the victim of brutal and humiliating behavior, especially by the Special Guards body, which Alexis’ murderer belongs to. They’ ve been...

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Poster of the Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (OAKKE), August 28, 2008.


Russia’s invasion into Georgia and the occupation of a part of its territory has been the most overt hitleric action since World War II. This is not the first time that an imperialist country invades another independent country. Russian social-imperialism acted this way against Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, as USSR, and so did American imperialism against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Serbia (Kossovo) as head of broader inter-state alliances.

There are however two elements that distinguish this specific invasion from any previous one:

1st, The invading imperialist country de facto annexes to itself a part of the invaded country.

2nd, A police-type state-monopolistic fascist dictatorship with anti-semitic characteristics is being excercized in the interior of the invading country. Its brutality has been proved by the genocide of the Chechen people and the murders of Russian democratic journalists.

The previous time where those two factors were combined was at the invasion of Hitler’s Germany to Czechoslovakia. Hitler had claimed then that in this way he protected the German national minority of that country. Now Putin claims that he is protecting the national minorities of Ossetians and Abkhazians, who have been living inside Georgia having the right of territorial autonomy. The difference is the following: As these populations are not Russians, Putin’s regime provided them with Russian passports so that he could then “protect” them as Russian citizens! The democrats of the whole world must resist the Georgian “Czechoslovakia of 2008” if they do not want to see Europe being swallowed up piece-by-piece by the new Hitlers.

New Hitlers are more dangerous than the old ones, because:

1st German Hitlers developed their might within a few years aiming to a surprise military attack against Europe. Opposite to that, the Russian Hitlers implement a long-range policy of infiltration by which they gain political bases everywhere in the world in order to encircle Europe and then launch a war for its subjugation. For that reason they have developed the typical method of Czarism to infiltrate with agents in foreign governments (as Marx had observed), adding to that the trotskyite-style penetration in all the political parties of a certain country, especially the “leftist” ones.

2nd The Third Reich was deprived of economic pressure weapons against its victims. On the contrary, Putin’s neo-hitlerian regime has formed a wide world front of control over the energy sources of Europe.

3rd The old Hitlers were confronted worldwide by the left, which was the heart of every democratic resistance. The new Hitlers on the contrary, having emerged in the world history as underminers and traitors of the revolutionary socialism, deconstructed the organized left from the inside and have frequently transformed the once greatest antibody against nazism into a pro-nazi virus.

That’s why the left, which would be expected to support Georgia, has been nowadays immobilized by its hidden-fascist leaders using the allegation that it isn’t Georgia that stands up against Russia, but American imperialism. So, these fascists who are dressed up in a left costume claim that there is not such thing as a Georgian sovereign country and there are not any Georgian people under attack by an imperialism. They claim that there is only a Georgian government eager to join NATO and for this reason this government is so much alienated from Georgia as are the Russian occupying troops. Therefore, it makes no difference for them that this government was elected by the people of the specific country. Actually, the anti-Americanism of these fascists is ostensible, as was Hitler’s anti-Anglism with which he had tried to slander his adversaries and drag the colonial world behind him.

In fact, the Western imperialists do not turn Georgia against Russia. They press Georgia to submit to Russia, as expected from those who often trample upon the sovereignty of the weak states in order to preserve stability for their stock-markets. Especially the Western-Europeans sacrifice Georgia so that Russia won’t cut off the energy supply for them. They will actually react only when Hitler marches against them.

So, in this phase, the only real answer to Russian neonazism is a new democratic and patriotic anti-fascist front, basically of the peoples and of the non imperialist states being threatened by Russia. Through that process a new truly internationalist left will emerge as a leading antifascist power.

The Greek democrats and patriots have a special duty to resist the new Hitlerians, as there is great danger that our country will be found on their side, because the leaders of the 5 parliamentary parties promote the Russian interests in all major issues. When some of the 5 parties declare that they are against the recognition of the secession of South Ossetia from Russia, they just pretend. This is shown from the following facts: 1) They support that they are not comfortable with the Russian recognition for the reason that it is one-sided, meaning that they are not comfortable with the fact that Russia does not have yet at its disposal a puppet government in Georgia willing to consent to the partition. 2) They constantly reproduce the Russian allegation that Georgia attacked South Ossetia, thus putting the blame on Georgia for the secession. Yet, it was Russia that through its Ossetian lackeys provoked Georgia for months attacking Georgian targets. Besides, and in any case, a war launched by a country in order to restore its territorial integrity can not be aggressive. 3) and the most important: All 5 parties have not denounced the Russian invasion into Georgia neither the occupation of Georgia’s territory outside South Ossetia and Abkhazia from the Russian army. The fact that the 5 leaderships do not openly support the partition of Georgia is due to their unwillingness to be exposed as de facto promoters of Cyprus partition also.

Furthermore we should not forget that Kremlin’s trustees, Andreas Papandreou being the first, never protested when Russia herself as USSR was the first to pose the issue of Cyprus partition by proposing a two-zone federation in 1965 or when Russia alone praised the Turkish invasion in the island in 1974 as “restoration of constitutional order”, through TASS agency. What the agents really want is only their boss’ well-being. Our duty is to put an end to it as long as there is time.
Athens, 8/20/2008

Neo-nazi Russia get out of Georgia!

All the peoples and states of the world must aid Georgia to repel the invaders

From Friday, August 8 onwards, the army of neo-nazi Russia has openly invaded the Republic of Georgia, while its bombers have been leveling down cities and military bases across the whole Georgian territory. The first direct objective of this attack is the complete annexation of South Ossetia – a Georgian autonomous region – by Russia, and its second one, the complete annexation of Abkhazia – another autonomous region within Georgia – as well. The overall strategic objective of the invasion is the total political and, finally, military subjugation of the whole Georgia to Putin’s Russia, and afterwards, not in the remote future, the political, military and energy control of the whole Caucasus.

The pretext Russia poses for the attack is the preservation of security for Russian citizens living in Ossetia and who are allegedly threatened with genocide by the Georgian government. Only a modern Goebels could distort reality to such a degree. For what is really happening right now is basically that the Russian troops and the subservient to them paramilitary units of South Ossetia are perpetrating ethnic cleansing against the Georgian population of South Ossetia. They do so because the latter is the basic stronghold against the annexation of this Georgian territory by Russia. Russia’s attack on South Ossetia has started in July and escalated in early August, with the aim of destroying every sort of Georgian political and administrative rule in South Ossetia, the 1/3 of which was till yesterday administered by Georgia. This attack started in July with attempted murders against Georgia’s leading state cadres in Ossetia and escalated from 2 to 6 and 7 of August with murders of Georgian policemen, with bloody raids by the pro-Russian and Russian heavily-armed paramilitary forces into the Georgian villages of Ossetia, with the overall destruction of the Georgian mobile phone antennas, and finally with attacks on Georgia’s military forces stationed in South Ossetia. The government of Georgia responded to those successive and escalated provocations at August 7 by sending regular military forces to South Ossetia, after having first called upon the pro-russian Ossetian side to suspend the hostilities only to be confronted with an escalation of hostilities. Russia condemned Georgia’s defending its state sovereignty as an invasion (!) of Georgia in South Ossetia, and engaged herself to prevent it by her own real, brute and illegal invasion on the Georgian soil at August 8. In fact, the escalation of Russian aggression against Georgia during the last months was planned in order to provoke Georgia and blame her for the outbreak of war.

 However, one has no need to know every fact of the invasion in detail to take a stand on which side is the unjust one in this war. The unjust side is the one whose army stays on the soil of a foreign country, and at that without being threatened at all by that country. It isn’t the Georgian army that stays on Russian soil, but the Russian army that stays on the Georgian one. The theory that South Ossetia is not a Georgian territory because its people doesn’t want to, such as the theory that this people consists of Russian citizens who invited Russia for protection, theories that Russia formally or informally presents, are the same ones Hitler’s Germany presented to invade the indepentant Czechoslovakia by pretending to protect the Sudeten Germans who were oppressed by the Czechoslovak state and whose pro-hitler leaders suddenly decided that the region where they lived should be annexed by Germany. Even more audacious than their Hitleric teachers, the Russian neo-Hitlers are now annexing South Ossetia without the precondition that the population is Russian. It is only enough that the members of this special national minority, with no practical or legal international right for state independence, are owners of Russian passports. Putin’s Russia generously gave them these passports a few years ago so that she can now call them “Russian citizens” and declare that she had the obligation to protect them, which practically means to annex the territory they live on to Russia. The right of breaking away, of independence and of unification with other states deserves to nations and states within a federation, not to national minorities and to the autonomous regions of states where those minorities live together with other nationalities. Whenever in modern world an autonomous multi-national region of a sovereign national or multinational state wanted to break away from that state, the result has always been the same: ethnic cleansing in the interior of that region and annexation of its soil by another agressive state, that is expansion of that aggressive state at the expense of the other.           

 That’s why the democratic people of the whole world must side with small Georgia and by every way aid her to resist the Russian invaders. All states in the world ought to do the same. If the Russian invasion and Georgia’s mutilation succeed, this would be a resolute step towards the strengthening of the Russian fascist-state monopoly, that is a big step towards a new world war. Putin’s Russia is about to launch this war in alliance with the Chinese fascist-state monopolists, and the Iranian regional bullies. The domination of Russia over the whole Caucasus region is just a step towards the energy suffocation of Europe and her military encirclement. Unfortunately in this phase, the peoples of Europe cannot anticipate that their governments, or the US government, substantially resist to Russian invasion. And this happens because those governments are under the political and financial hegemony of the financial monopolists, especially the US monopolists who on the one hand have chosen to cooperate economically and become reconciled with the war axis while on the other they economically, and often politically and militarily, juxtapose the third world countries. In such a period, the resistence to Hitler is above all a matter of the democratic and anti-imperialist movements in each country.

 Athens, 9-8-2008

MARCH 6, 2008


Though it is monstrous for a country to forcefully change the name of another, the five parties leaderships make this demand upon the neighboring country so as to push it into neo-Hitler Russia’s clutches

Almost the entire population of our country believes that we must force another country to change its name. This relative unanimity seems to many as a proof that this demand is fair.

However, in the cases of national disputes, the national unanimity has nothing to do with right or wrong. Especially at the present era of the all-powerful “national” TV and the much weaker internationalist left, the national unanimity in the wrong is quite easy. For instance: Almost every Albanian believes that Kosovo was right to secede from Serbia. Besides, though all Serbs consider this partition as wrong, they almost unanimously believe that their country was right to partition another country, Bosnia, by perpetrating ethnic-cleansing.

In such cases, one can discover who is right and who is wrong only by relying on the democratic principles touching inter-state relations, principles clearly established after the painful experience of the 2nd world anti-fascist war. The most fundamental of these principles is the respect for territorial integrity and state sovereignty of every country. Serbia, Albania, and Greece have violated that principle by denying the states having formed the federal Yugoslavia the right of dissociation from her, as well as of total state sovereignty and territorial integrity of each one of them. This right was achieved by the peoples and nations of Yugoslavia that resisted Hitler’s occupation and the trans-national massacre it had incited. The state borders between them were drawn according to this anti-fascist and voluntary rationale.

Serbia was the first one to deny the independence of Republic of Bosnia-Erzegovina and de facto partitioned her by perpetrating ethnic-cleansing of Hitler’s type. At the same time, Greece denied Republic of Macedonia the right to use her state name she already had for half a century, and her population the right to nationally determine itself as Macedonians, as all the other peoples of Yugoslavia had accepted. In the third place, Albania, having this aim for a long time, incited and achieved the partition of Serbia, encouraged by the relative success of the revisional policy of Serbia and Greece. All these three countries evoked historical arguments from other times in order to deny the democratic settlements that arose from the world anti-fascist war, and against it. These were the first revisions of the post-war European political map, and this explains why in all three countries it is the most fascist forces that have played a leading part in them.

The question is why did all Greek parties suddenly decide to change the name of the neighboring country, and why do they continue to insist after nearly the whole planet has accepted it? They claim that if they don’t change it, then the whoever expansionists of that country will some day be able to take Salonica. Apart from the ridiculousness of this claim – that a very small and weak country is capable of extracting the second capital city of a much larger and stronger one – no expansionist policy in history was ever prevented by the names of the victims of that policy. Besides, our neighboring country has practically presented no territorial claim against Greece, not even when she was backed by the much stronger Yugoslavia of Tito, who was wrongly accused of having named that country after her current name for expansionst purposes.

Here is the biggest proof that the five parties don’t believe what they say: while they almost unanimously decided, 15 years ago, that only if they removed the term Macedonia from the neighboring country we could be safe and wouldn’t lose our soul, now they tell us, again almost unanimously, that we could preserve both security and soul provided a geographical term is set before the name Macedonia.

The reason why the 5 leaderships constantly change the name they want to impose, is that they always seek for a pretext for preventing the neighboring country to unite with the West, that is with the EU and NATO. In the long run, they want to make her refuse her state unity so that the Albanian chauvinism be able to partition her, and the rest part be absorbed as slavonic and orhtodox by social-imperialist Russia. This happens because the leaders of all five parliamentary parties in Greece are servants of Putin’s Russia. Of course Russia makes her Greek friends play the bad guys while she herself plays the “good” one by recognizing that country with its name, though for reasons mentioned above she doesn’t recognize her national status. So that’s why for half a century the name Macedonia of the neighboring country hadn’t annoyed the Greek pro-Western governments. That’s why they conceal such facts as, for example, that Pavlos Melas recognized a Macedonian language, or that an official alphabet book of the Macedonian language was issued during El. Venizelos’ leadership, or that the old true Communist Party of Greece recognized the existence of the Macedonian nation contrary to the modern pro-Russian pseudoCPG. That’s why our “patriots” make a lot of fuss and raise a veto only when the EU and USA are about to incorporate the neighboring country into their structures, while they didn’t utter a word when Russia and her ally China first recognized the neighboring country with her name. Finally, that’s why though they had accepted the interim agreement, which enabled the Republic of Macedonia to enter international organizations with the name of FYROM, they now refuse to abide by this agreement. The FYROM name is proper for them before the UN but not before NATO and EU!

In fact, all their supposed patriotism is merely subservience. That’s why although they sided with Serbia in the case of Bosnia’s genocidal partition incited by Russia, they are now against the Albanian-incited secession of Kosovo, that is backed by the American imperialism. (Nevertheless, it was the Russian imperialism that backed it first through the Albanian chauvinists and its friendly Clinton presidency).

The OAKKE calls upon every democratic person, every friend of peace, every true patriot to hold an anti-imperialist stance of principles at all fronts of the big disputes that flare up in the Balkan region. Especially it calls them to soberly study the details of the “war for the name” and to consciously resist the provocative policy of the five political leaderships, that wish to make not only the neighboring country but also Greece itself to break off with the European democratic path, so as to chain it to the biggest modern fascism feverishly preparing to butcher the whole planet.

Athens, 6/3/2008


(Both in relation with the international aspect of this issue and with the stand of the Greek political forces and public opinion where the first paragraph mainly refers)


The fascist Hezbollah provoked this war with the purpose of subjugating Lebanon to Syria and making Russia the regulator in the Middle East issue

Nearly the whole nation has sided with the fascist Hezbollah against Israel, as it had done similarly a few years ago when it sided with the Serb perpetrators of ethnic cleansing against the peoples of Yugoslavia. As then, the pseudo-leftists, the far-rightists and the neo-nazis are once again in the lead of this “national line”. Each one of them holds his own arguments but they all agree that the right is always in opposing the side supported by the USA. Foremost, they use the Palestinian liberation struggle as a means of demonizing the State of Israel. However, as there are two sides to everything, so it is with the Israeli issue.
The first side, and the most important, is that this state was born in order to shelter the Jews from the czar’s pogroms and the large-scale Nazi genocide. This was the basic reason it was recognized by the anti-fascist camp of the Second World War against Arab reaction and with the persistence of the then socialist USSR. It was only after Suslov, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, all great-Russian and anti-Semites, had seized power and turned the USSR into an imperialistic-fascist country that the latter sided with the Arab chauvinists and the pan-Islamists, and poisoned the labor and the anti-imperialistic movements all over the world with a new type of anti-Semitism concealed under the cover of “anti-Zionism”. Since then, both classical and pseudo-leftist anti-Semites pursue, directly or indirectly, the goal of the destruction of the Israeli state.
On the other hand however, Israel, a nation of oppressed people when formed, became in turn an oppressor, following in the pattern of nearly every bourgeois state during the first phase of its formation. Hence, its most chauvinistic tendency adopted a policy of expansion and regional hegemony mainly at the expense of the Palestinians; a policy that was soon set in the service of the then rising US imperialism. The fascist regimes of Syria and Iran backed up by the Kremlin exploited this policy in order to set up within the Palestinian and the Lebanese liberation movements their agents, the organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, that have as their declared objective the elimination of the Jews of Israel. These organizations became popular through the monetary aid coming from the Iranian oil-revenues, which they used to bribe the poor population by establishing “charity” networks. At this point Russia and Syria coordinated their efforts with the Israeli chauvinists and the now declining US imperialists, in order to oust the national bourgeoisie of Palestine (Fatah-Arafat) from the leadership of the Palestinian struggle and to bring Hamas to power. In Lebanon also, Russia and Syria exploited the Israeli military intervention of 1978-2000, as well as the mistakes of Fatah, and managed to gain the political and military hegemony in this country through Hezbollah.

However, recently, the patriotic anti-Syrian front in Lebanon, after having ousted the Syrian army, began demanding the Hezbollah’s disarmament, while in the Palestinian territories the Fatah began challenging the new dictatorial power of Hamas. It was at this exact moment that Hamas and Hezbollah launched their coordinated attack against Israel, so that the Israeli armed forces would retaliate; then the patriotic forces of Palestine and Lebanon would be forced to stand behind these two organizations forming an anti-Israeli front, which is a successfully tested tactic in the past. Characteristically, Hezbollah and Hamas had already attacked Israel 6 years after it had unconditionally withdrawn from Lebanon and again lately after it had unconditionally withdrawn from Gaza despite intense conflict with the Israeli settlers. Israel was in fact attacked while retreating, clearly demonstrating that the intention of Hezbollah and Hamas was not to push it back but strategically to destroy it as a state and tactically to provoke it.
Therefore it is not the Palestinian national-democratic movement nor the Lebanese patriotic movement that have risen up against Israel now, but the agents of Syria and Iran that have no desire for an independent Palestinian state beside the state of Israel, nor for an independent Lebanon.

The Hezbollah claims that they are not the aggressors and that it was Israel that attacked Lebanon under the pretext of the abduction of two Israeli soldiers. They omit the fact that this act was accompanied by the immediate murder of another eight soldiers and by the launching of rockets against Israel, while Hezbollah has been launching hundreds of rockets against Israel for the past 6 years victimizing civilians. Which country in the world would allow on its borders the undisturbed existence of such an army slaughtering civilians and openly declaring as its target the intent to wipe that country off the map?

Devoid of solid arguments, the Hezbollah and its friends accuse the Israelis of resembling Hitler in implementing the policy of collective punishment by bombarding civilians. It is not the first time that anti-Semites pose the matter of the death of civilians as their basic argument. For decades pro-Nazi historians have been accusing the allied forces as being equally or even more brutal than Hitler’s because of the bombings of German cities. On the other hand, ironically none of these friends of the Hezbollah seem to have been touched by the 200.000 dead civilians of Bosnia which were victims of targeted ethnic cleansing, nor by the 20.000 dead civilians of Grozny from the genocidal Russian bombardments, nor have they ever uttered a word against Assad when he levelled with bombardments the Syrian city of Hama in 1982 and slaughtered 20.000 civilians in order to exterminate the “Muslim Brothers”.

In this particular instance the Israeli army had no reason whatsoever to provoke its own international political isolation by targeting civilians. On the contrary civilians are targeted by Hezbollah’s army that drops its missiles and gloats over the number of dead, in the same way that Hamas takes pride in the murder of the 1.700 civilians, victims of its suicide-bombers, in Israel. In fact, most of the deaths in Lebanon are the direct result of the provocative war that Hezbollah has been conducting. This organization purposely launches rockets against Israel from sites based in Lebanese cities and villages and deliberately uses civilian buildings, even hospitals, as military headquarters and ammunition storage areas. The aim is to win the sympathy of world public opinion through a vast number of casualties. The friends of Hezbollah argue that only a fascist army would bomb residential areas when they harbor guerilla warfare. However in this case, there are no partisans firing against an occupational army. What we have here is an unprovoked missile attack, launched from within heavily populated cities against the civilians of a neighboring country.
Any way you look at it, today Hitler is siding with the Hezbollah-Hamas front, or to pose it differently, with the Syrian-Iranian-Russian front. We will see this more clearly when it becomes apparent that this provocative attack by Hezbollah will have resulted in the strengthening of the position of Putin’s neo-nazi Russia in the Middle East.

Athens, 6/8/2006



It sets the scene for the attack on Georgia

When a massacre with enormous political consequences happens and nobody assumes responsibility, one must firstly trace the perpetrator among those who are likely to politically benefit from it. Putin claims that the perpetrator is the Chechen resistance that tries, by this way, to drag Russia into negotiations. On the contrary, the Chechen resistance claims that this crime favors the Russian occupation and that it was planned by the Russian security services, as were a series of former massacres. We believe that the second position is the only one that is persuasive and connected to the facts.
To begin with, it is Putin's Russia that propagandistically benefits from the massacre. Until recently she had been isolated, having exterminated the 1/5 of Chechnya's population by leveling towns and villages to the ground, and continuing to kidnap, torture, rape, and mutilate men and women, a hell that humankind has never seen since Hitler. Now, because of the massacre in Beslan, the Chechen resistance appears more monstrous than the occupying forces, as the victims' cries in Chechnya never reach the cameras, while the massacre in Beslan and the relatives' lament happened in front of the eyes of the whole world.
Secondly, it was Putin's leadership that rushed at once into the manipulation of the massacre on global political ground, by announcing that Russia has the right to crash the terrorists everywhere on earth, that is to attack on every country that hosts Chechens. More specifically, this massacre enables Russia to attack Georgia, a country that she has accused many times for sheltering Chechen rebels in the Pankisi gorge.
Georgia is a key-country in the global geopolitics as the only channel for the Caspian oil to the outside world that is not under control of the Moscow-Beijing-Teheran axis. The fact that the slaughter was done in Northern Ossetia rather than anywhere else also helps Russia to attack Georgia, as Northern Ossetia claims a part of Georgia called Southern Ossetia.
More at that, Russia profits by the so-called Islamic participation in the kidnappers' team. For Georgia has turned towards the US in order to resist Russia, and the US by turn has supported Georgia in order to have access to the Baku- Cheihan oil channel through Georgia. However, the appearance of Al Kaeda-type Islamists in the ranks of the Chechens objectively brings the US more closely to Russia, as the Islamic terrorism is the chief enemy to the US. So, this massacre makes the US, despite their current objections, more inclined to finally accept a Moscow's attack against Chechens of Georgia.
By the same way, Russia was also benefited by the former massacres of civilians. More typical was the block-of-flats blowing up in Moscow in 1999 causing the death of 300, which gave Putin the pretext for the second invasion in Chechnya.
That's why so strange things happen in each of those slaughters: The authorities intervention in a way that maximizes the victims (toxic gas in the theater of Moscow), the aggressors' cadres are never arrested (in the theater they were all shot dead with a bullet in the head while being unconscious by the gas, while now in Beslan no photos of the dead terrorists have been published), the independent investigation is prevented and the press is censored. The head of the commission set up to investigate the block-of flats' blowing up and the theater in Moscow cases, the deputy Sergei Yusenkov, was murdered. In the case of Beslan, the two most prominent dissident journalists, Politkovskaja and Babinski, were deterred from approaching the place of the kidnapping. The first was poisoned in the airplane while the latter was arrested on a charge of hooliganism.
The mass slaughter of civilians and the kidnappings everywhere serve the Russian diplomacy. This does not have to do with the subjective political motives of the individual participants, who are often Chechens taking revenge for the suffering and murder of their relatives. It is an easy task for KGB to place ''rats'' amongst them (one example is the kidnapper Terkibaev whose role in the Moscow theater was revealed by Politkovskaja-Zakaev, and was murdered right after this revelation). The KGB has her man inside the resistance, that is Bassaev, and tries desperately to tie up resistance with violence against civilians and with Islamic-fascism.
Al Kaeda itself serves the Russian diplomacy, too. So, because of the US interventions triggered off by the Twin Towers' massacre, Iran has now politically the upper hand in Iraq (through the shiites Sistani and Sadr), while the pro-Russian Northern Alliance rules Afghanistan. In both cases the US are sinking in a bloody, catastrophic deadlock. Even more typical of this is the Madrid massacre, which, within one night, caused the downfall of pro-American Aznar and the rise to power of the new member of Chirac's-Schroders-Putin's cooperation team, J. Zapatero.
It is nothing but determinism. The provocative terrorism against civilians (e.g. nazi bombs in pre-war Austria) is used by the most aggressive imperialistic pole. As the latter arrives late at the table of world sharing, it needs its violent re-sharing. The rising Russian-Chinese pole in political and military terms, is today in the position that the Hitleric axis had, surrounding and dividing the dominant in economic terms US-EU-Japan pole in order to crush it through a new world war.

Athens, September 9, 2004.





No unity with the neo-hitleric slaughterers of Chechnya

The powerful resistance of Iraq to the American invaders proves that peoples do not accept any liberation with force. How and when they will be released from the dictators of their countries, it is their own affair. It is also their own affair how they will isolate and shatter in each country the neo-nazi gangs that murder American civilians. It is now proved, once more, how deeply founded in the needs of modern international life is the principle of no intervention in the internal affairs of the countries, a principle that imperialism unanimously infringes now in Iraq.

Because what appears in the eyes of many people is only the invasion of USA, and not the fact that this invasion has been prepared by the common decision 1441 of the UN which required and requires the disarmament of Iraq.. This disarmament, and the inspectors that would impose it, meant a permanent and humiliating intervention on Iraq that could be effective only under the direct threat of American invasion. The whole conflict within the UN during all these months, was about if it would be USA and England or Russia, China and France that would impose this disarmament. Russian social-imperialists were on the head of the international demonstrations in favor of peace only in order to take the hegemony from USA in the battle for the fall of Saddam and in order to inherit this regime themselves. Thus, these demonstrations praised the UN and never adopted the claim: “the inspectors must get out from Iraq”. Now, in the fifth day of the war the “friends of peace” in the UN revealed themselves because they did not even ask from the Security Council to condemn as such the invasion of USA. Moreover, what the “friends of peace” did in the UN as did also in the EU, and first of all the double-faced Simitis, was to start talking about the “day after”, that is to say in which way the splitting up will be made, after the defeat of Iraq, and to require from USA not to walk alone without the UN. This is why, after the invasion instead of the deepening of the gap among the European countries, suddenly there was approach between them. Now Russia and France in order to become even more powerful in the interior of Iraq raise the question of the “humanitarian help to civilians” and they ask this help to be delivered from the UN and not USA alone.. Speaking shortly they want: USA to make the dirty work, that is to say fight in order to overthrow Saddam, and themselves to make the “peaceful’” and popular work, that is to say deliver food in besieged cities and intermediate between the belligerents. Because until now USA denies to assign the UN with this winning intermediary role, Russia threatens to condemn them in the Security Council.

For the first time, nevertheless, Iraq (statements of Ramadan, 22 March) denounced the dirty game of the UN. For years Iraq succumbs systematically to the claims of Russia, in order to avoid the USA’s attack.

The democrats and anti-imperialists should not let themselves be tricked from these “peace friendly” games of the neo-nazi axis of Russia - China and their agents in the whole world. They should denounce decisively the American invasion, but they should not accept to demonstrate under the banners of those who never had a word to say against the perpetrators of genocide and the torturers of the heroic Chechnya, of those that supported energetically the Serb fascists in order to make their genocide in Bosnia, and of those who were pleased with the big slaughter of thousands civilians in the Twin Towers.

Athens, 25/03/2003

(poster that was circulated in Athens, Piraeus and others cities of Greece in late March)



Either with the UN, or with Iraq



Millions of people on February 15 went to demonstrate in favor of peace. Independently from their will however they demonstrated in favor of war. Because those who are at the head of these demonstrations and coordinate them in world scale propound a demand of war: That Iraq must be disarmed from the UN. The disarmament is an action that suppresses the sovereignty of a country and it is possible only with the exercise of violence on this country or with the threat of violence to be exercised on the country. The disarmament of Iraq, even from conventional arms that the UN imposes to it today via UN’s inspectors, is “peaceful” only because USA and England immediately threaten Iraq with invasion. If those that now push forward the process of the UN, that is to say Russia and China and at second place France, wanted peace they would demand the immediate withdrawal of the American army from the Persian Gulf. But then how could inspectors disarm Iraq “peacefully”? The method of the UN is that USA presses the revolver on the head of Iraq, in order that Iraq accepts to disarm. It is the variant of “armed robbery without murder”.

The difference between USA and Russia is the following: USA want the invasion in order to reverse the whole Iraqi regime, while Russia wants the inspections in order to split up the Iraqi regime, that is to say to remove the heads and become the heir of the rest. It is characteristic that thanks to the pressure of inspectors, Russia achieved to have the, formerly almighty, Minister of Oil A. Raheed who confronted Russia, replaced with Al-Naijm, former ambassador of Baghdad in Moscow (January 7), and to make new agreements for the control of petroleum layers of Iraq (January 16). Also, it was the envoy of Putin, Primakov that “convinced” Saddam to accept the destruction of conventional missiles. The objective of the disarmament of Iraq even from conventional arms, as well as the objective of interrogations of Iraqi scientists from the inspectors, is to humiliate the current leadership of Iraq completely, and also to open ways and cracks within this leadership, in order that finally Saddam is forced to resign or to fall with a coup d’etat.

If Saddam falls in this way his successors will obligatorily be Russia and the remaining “peace-loving” surgeons, that thanks to their double-faced policy have already obtained privileged petroleum agreements, and, most of all, important political positions not only inside Iraq, but all around the Third World. If again Saddam does not succumb to the “surgeons”, they, turning their look away, will allow USA to shoot him. But in this case USA will have been so much hated worldwide that after they do the dirty business, they will be finally forced to deliver Iraq to the “peace-loving surgeons”.

That’s why false “demonstrations for peace” are organized precisely when Russia asks for a new extension in the UN in order to continue raping her victim, while USA don’t shoot, that’s why at the head of these demonstrations are the pro-Russian politicians such as Paparriga, Konstantopoulos and Laliotis (in Greece), that’s why one cannot find a banner reading: “Down with the war of the UN”, and specifically: “The American fleet must leave the Gulf. The inspectors must leave Iraq”, but, on the contrary, the UN is asked to insist on the “peace” road, that’s why at the end these demonstrations are also supported by the fascists worldwide.

It is at least naive to expect that Russian and Chinese neonazis, that are full with nuclear and biological weapons, will bring peace by exterminating a lower middle third world bully as Saddam, who after all was punished in 1991, while they, as well as the American superpower, were never punished accordingly.

Athens, March 3, 2003

(poster that was circulated in early March in Athens, Piraeus and other cities of Greece)



The demonstration of Saturday supported by the government and all of the political parties is a demonstration in favor of war.

It is a war that has already been declared with the decision No 1441 of UN and it is carried out by the permanent members of the Security Council of UN, and basically from the two superpowers as follows: The USA hold their revolver against the head of Saddam, and Russia, on the base of this threat, exhausts and blackmails the Saddam regime in order to make petroleum contracts (jointly with France) and, thus, achieves a deep political infiltration in the Iraqi regime aiming at the fall of Saddam and her dominance. The disagreement between the two superpowers is found as follows: Russia wants this type of war to be continued, the war of inspectors, while the USA wants to shatter completely the Iraqi regime and finally to have control in the after - Saddam era over Iraq and the whole Gulf. Russia wants the American fleet in the Gulf and constant extensions of inspections through the Security Council. The USA wants halt of inspections, general attack now and fall of Saddam.

The tomorrow's coordinated international wave of demonstrations against the potential war of the USA and not against the on going war of the UN and the decision 1441 offers help only to a new extension in the Security Council, that is to say help to the Russian war at the expense of the American one, but by no means help to Iraq and to peace. It is not accidental that the previous international wave of demonstrations was coordinated in late January before the new extension of inspections that was decided by the Security Council. In the mid-time the demonstrations stop, as happens each time that the inspectors should be left to concentrate in the work of blackmails, deterioration of Iraqi regime and humiliation of Iraq. Is there, really, greatest hypocrisy than to claim that wanting peace in Iraq means to ask Iraq's disarmament as the organizers of tomorrow's government supported and simultaneously pro-Russian international demonstration does? The Iraqi regime is fascist, but its overthrow, as long as it does not attack anyone, is an affair of Iraqi people. In any case as long as the imperialists have nuclear weapons, and in particular as long as the greatest today's fascist regimes, that is to say Russian and Chinese, have volumes of nuclear weapons, the Iraqi regime also has the same right.


 Already an injustice imperialistic war has begun against Iraq that aims to the control of the oils of the Gulf as a strategic goal and, as an immediate political goal, to the change of the government of this country and its partition on national and religious basis.

This war is very likely to develop to a warm one, however currently it 's a diplomatic war that is carried out in the name of UN with the help of unbreakable military pressure. It is mainly the two superpowers, USA and Russia, that carry out this war.  The difference between these two forces is the following: the entire planet sees and accuses for the war the first one, but it is the second that will profit finally from this war and the one that guides it actually.

The same game has taken part again in Serbia and in Afghanistan as follows: America shoots the prey, wound it, without killing it, and Russia, disguised as his friend carries it in her nest.  Or differently, USA shakes the tree and Russia gathers the fruit. In Serbia, USA bombarded and threw the Milosevic regime, but the real power, that is to say, the hegemony in the army, was taken over by pro-Russian Kostunitsa and his allies, the Serbs who committed genocide. In Afghanistan, USA bombarded and shattered the hostile for Russia Taliban 's regime, but Kabul was occupied by the pro-Russian Northern Alliance headed by an old chief of Russia's intelligence and current powerful minister of defense, Fahim. Everywhere the same thing happens: Nationalists dictators and local thugs with weak popular basis, become targets of USA because they are against the West and simultaneously targets of Russia, because as nationalists they deny to become subjects to Russia.  While however America strikes a country openly and externally, Russia strikes her also but covered and from the inside and finally it prevails, because it is not exposed as an enemy in the eyes of the population of this country. Russia often reprimands USA, at the same hour that USA opens the road for her.

In the case of Iraq, Russia achieved the amazing decision 1441 of UN, that allows her to encourage USA to prepare the war, and at the same time to retain, or even accuse USA for the same reason. This decision is formulated deliberately with ambiguous way so that it allows USA to attack Iraq on the one hand and, on the other hand, it allows Russia to keep her distance from this attack by presenting her own opposite interpretation, (in collaboration with the Chinese fascists and the sordid European opportunists).

It is not accidental that thanks to the embargo imposed for many years in Iraq, proposed always in the UN from USA and signed from, the supposedly unwilling, Russia, the last one already has ensured powerful bases in Iraq and controls completely the exports of Iraqi oil. Now Russia tries to force Saddam's resignation, using the Committee of UN inspectors (UNSCOM) which is under her control. If Saddam resigns, USA will not make the war and very easily Russia will gain Iraq. But because the resignation of Saddam presupposes the enormous military pressure of USA, Russia does not protest for this. If again Saddam does not resign, then Russia will let USA to shatter militarily Saddam, while simultaneously her “communists” agents will organize demonstrations all over the world only against USA, as it happened with the war in Afghanistan. And in this case again, it is Russia that will gain Iraq.

The democrats should condemn the dirty decision 1441 of the UN Security Council and the imperialistic logic of nuclear disarmament of small countries that is found in its base. Even more the democrats should condemn the beastly and cruel intervention of Russia and USA for the overthrow of Iraqi government and the installation of another one, intervention which violates the principle that only the people of one country has the right to change its government and its regime, peacefully or armed. Already Russia functioning in the backstages managed to impose the pro-Iranian and so pro-Russian Shiites of southern Iraq in the process of shaping the government after Saddam (Meeting of London in December).

Before any armed American attack in Iraq begins, the Russian diplomacy has already gathered half the fruit.  

Athens, January 12 2003  

(poster that was circulated at mid January in Athens, Piraeus and other cities of Greece)




  • Independent Palestine. 

  • Safe Israel

  • Down with modern anti-Semitism


            The real profound antagonism in the Palestinian issue is not a clash between the Israelis and the Palestinians but, actually, between the Arab and Israeli fascists on the one hand and the Arab and Israeli people on the other. The Arab and Israeli fascists work as provocateurs and help one another.

            The Arab fascists, agents of Syria and Iran, unprovokedly massacre Israeli civilians, especially whenever both peoples go near coexistence, by using Hamas. In this way, Israel’s peaceful forces are reduced while the Israeli fascists strengthen. The latter, basically expressed by Sharon, don’t attack Hamas but the more moderate and, at the same time, more consistent national representatives of the Palestinian people expressed by Fatah stepping on the terror that the Islamic-fascists strike into the Israeli population, they destroy the infrastructure of their weak state power, they humiliate them and terrorize the whole population. In this way, the national Palestinian fractions are reduced and the Islamic-fascists strengthen.

            So, finally, both nations follow the worst forces in the interior. The Palestinians’ national bourgeoisie follow Hamas and the most progressive fractions of the Israeli bourgeoisie follow Sharon. Thus, both nations are split deeper and bleed more and more.

            No peace will ever emerge in the region unless the provocateurs’ strategy is crushed.

            The Israeli fascists’ strategy is the occupation and the parceling out of the Palestinian territory with the ultimate mopping-up objective of driving the Palestinian people out of the occupied territories. Their general tactic lies in the establishment of new Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. 

            The Arab fascists’ strategy is the elimination of the Israeli state as well as the genocidal extermination of the Jewish people. With the view to subduing every peaceful settlement, they promptly demand that all Palestinian refugees be settled in the state of Israel in order to socially and politically destroy it.

            The response to the provocateurs can only be the mutual practical recognition of both states which, as concerns Israeli side, implies the abolition of most Jewish settlements and, as to the Palestinian side, the abandonment from the claim for all refugees’ return in Israel.

            These are principal positions for every democrat on earth. However, in countries such as ours that politically side with the most reactionary aspects of the Arab and Muslim world, the main problem the democrats face is the regime’s unilateral denouncement of Israel and the justification of the Islamic-fascists’ genocidal policy. This is modern anti-Semitism. We must not forget that the recognition of the State of Israel, in 1948, was the unanimous response of the victorious anti-fascist front (USSR and Western forces) in World War II to the genocide of Jews by Hitler. The extermination, today, of civilian Jews is not an answer to the Israeli suppression, but an aggressive, programmatically established principle of Hamas. The Palestinian issue doesn’t only indicate the question of a small people claiming for its own liberation but, all the more so, is the vehicle of a new global anti-Jewish campaign where the neo-nazi Russia-China-Iran axis is about to take over from the old Hitler’s axis, on the pretext of this people’s struggle.      

Athens, April 24 2002 

(poster that was circulated at late April in Athens, Piraeus and other cities of Greece)



The Russian social-imperialism subjugates Asia and infiltrates in the West

The content of a successful provocation is generally of the following type: the instigator strikes the victim such a heavy blow that disorientates him, that is makes him turn against a third part instead of against the provocateur himself. The provocation is estimated as excellent when the third part happens to be the provocateur?s great enemy. The provocation is evaluated as masterly when the instigator manages to present himself before both victims? eyes, that is before his enemies? eyes, as their best friend or even a secondary enemy.

The above advanced type of provocation demands a professional provocateur and a couple of unaware of the common enemy?s nature and full of internal problems victims.

Today, all these preconditions exist and are compressed into the Afghan war that has just broken out.

The professional provocateur, which is the Russian social-imperialism, is benefit from the conflict both victims, the U.S. and Afghanistan, have plunged themselves into, and feverishly attempts to reap the fruits of his labor.

Russia?s strategic enemies, her rival imperialism and an extreme, typical Third World opponent, have plunged themselves into virulent war. At the same time, appears, before both fatal enemies? eyes, to be either a great friend (before American eyes) or an intermediary force or even a secondary enemy (before the Taliban?s eyes).

This is not an achievement confined in the Afghanistan or Pakistan region. It is also a strategic goal concerning the formation of a more and more competitive intercourse between the U.S. and Third World, in favor of the Russo-Chinese axis. The axis is now capable of presenting itself as a pro-U.S., pro-European, and a less hostile towards the Third World imperialistic force.


This is the text of a poster issued by our organization in order to reveal the political character of Putin’s visit to Greece and call Greek people to attend our political rally held in Athens at the Hotel Titania on December 7, 2001, one day after the arrival of Putin. The following text has been formed with necessary supplementary notes for those that are not well aaquainted with Greek political situation.


The entrance of Northern Alliance in Kabul proves that Russia is the winner of the large-scale massacre in Manhattan. The head of the new power, thanks to American bombardments, is Fahim, the formerly head of the Russian occupation forces’ security police, and right hand of the subordinate to Russians, Nadjibulah, during the eighties.

Athens, November 15, 2001


Some people claim that the massacre of thousands of civilians in Manhattan is a kind of revenge coming from the Third World oppressed peoples. In fact, the oppressed peoples do not slaughter other peoples; they fight against armies and regimes. There are certainly innocent people killed in such wars, but those who massively and intentionally slaughter thousands of innocent citizens are Hitler-like fascists, they are monsters.

Fascists step on peoples’ oppression by imperialism, but they are not product of this oppression. Fascists themselves are imperialists, and the most brutal and rapacious at that. Hitler was not a product of British oppression on the German people, but the product of the German monopoly’s mania for global dominance.

The question raised today is one: Where Hitler lies nowadays? Hitler lies where lies the international center of every organization or state that systematically kills unarmed citizens in the name of class and national struggle. Forces of such type are Hizballah and Hamas, and behind them, guiding them, Syria and Iran. ETA is of this type, too. Such is Serbia that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of unarmed people in Bosnia. The international center of all these forces is Russia who has murdered and savagely tortured hundreds of thousands of citizens in Chechnya.

Putin’s and Zyuganov’s Russia is the country with the poorest people, the most advanced weaponry and the most rapacious and wealthy oligarchy. The Greek people know hardly anything about Russia's crimes or the crimes of its friends because the leaderships of all political parties here are pro-Russian. The Russian imperialism today, such as the German one in the ‘40s, lacks the financial power to conquer the world by political means. Thus, it tries to achieve the same by means of war, that is, through a world war. The struggle of Russia, and of the states that follow Russia, against the American imperialism is not of democratic type, it is of fascist type, such as Hitler’s struggle against Britain in the ‘40s.

Therefore, only such a superpower, which can furthermore pretend to have fallen into a decline, has the ability to guide the organizing of such a large-scale massacre in the heart of the U.S., to manipulate its political consequences, and, at the same time, to cover itself.

Only this superpower will be benefited by provoking an American attack on the sole anti-Russian government of the Muslim world, the mullah's government of Afghanistan that is reactionary from any other aspect, with the purpose of conquering this state by itself. The great dream of the old czars and of the new ones has always been to find passage to the Indian Ocean. If the U.S. bombard Afghanistan, then the Afghan opposition will, finally, seize power in Kabul. The opposition, named ‘’alliance of the North’’, is now under Russian hegemony as, not long time before the attack on Manhattan, its only leader who could resist Russian schemes, the hero of Afghan resistance Massoud, was murdered.

Only a state that has buried hundreds of its citizens in the rubble of two block-of-flats, in an effort to establish an alibi for attacking Chechnya, can perpetrate such giant provocations. Russia of the new czars is the greatest provocateur of all times.

Regardlessof who the physical perpetrators of the Manhattan massacre are, in political terms and taking its organizing complexity into account, it is improbable that the Russian superpower was not involved in it.

September 16, 2001


The peoples of the world and the governments have not only the right but also the obligation to exercise violence and to destroy the nazi preacher of genocide bin Laden and his armed gangs. But this violence must first find support by the countries and the peoples of the Third World, second not be exercised in alliance with the greatest slaughterers of civilians and the ideological leaders of every modern anti-Semitic and nationalistic-religious racist current in the world, that is, the Russian imperialists. The American tactic strengthens the gap between the Third World and the West and offers Afghanistan to Russia and its provocateur bin Laden.

Athens October 11, 2001