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  • Κυριακή, 07 Μαΐου 2017


Never before in the history of Labor Day has the working class been so far away from its revolutionary consciousness and never before so close to regaining it


Never before has the world working class – the productive centre of which is already the new industrialized countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America – been hit so hard in its economic and political rights while being unable to respond, that is in the absence of its own somehow massive political parties, of its own massive class-orientated trade unions and of its quite massive and truly revolutionary labour movement or, still more so, of a labour state of its own. Above all, never before has the world working class been so much politically weak in front of the headlong rise of fascism, even in countries where this class has a record of great achievements of political freedom, such as the old industrial countries of the EU and the US. In those countries, it is exactly a huge part of the most exploited, less skilled, and for that more jobless strata of the working class which follow and mostly back the rise of fascism – the hard core of anti-labour and bourgeois counterrevolution – instead of being the vanguard of antifascism.

How is this made possible since never before has the world working class been so massive, so much widely spread not only in the old industrial countries but also in the whole vast ex-colonial new industrial world, so much educated, and so capable of setting in motion that huge and revolutionary means of production? These ones can by nature function only through cooperation of billions of proletarians being thus more and more choked off under such restricted limits of ownership by some tens of thousands capitalist rentiers that own them. While in the old industrial world, this last contradiction – in fact the basic one in capitalism – results in stagnation of production, and consequently in a continuous relative recession of the labour wages, in the industrial south, where the working class suffers under the biggest possible exploitation, this has for the time being led to the almost complete deprivation of the political and trade union freedom of this class.

The deepest cause of this great worldwide subjective political incapability of the working class in front of the inconceivably augmented production power it puts in motion, is the unprecedented in history undermining of its revolutionary and communist vanguard from the inside. It is the overthrow of this vanguard by a new type of imperialism, namely social-imperialism, or in other words by the traitorous leaders of the working class in both first socialist countries, China and Russia. They took political power in these countries, restored capitalism, and finally usurped the huge means of production that the revolutionary working class had created. So these traitors and their offspring have turned into a new over-exploitative and fascist state-monopolistic bourgeoisie of a new type, a class that since this successful usurpation aims at violently usurping the means of production of the whole world, as it cannot achieve this through economic means, that is within the limits of economic capitalistic competition.

One reason for this is that the bourgeoisie of a new type is much more corrupt and much more productively parasitic than the classic bourgeoisie, as it has historically taken the ownership of the means of production through political power and not vice versa. We mean by this that the old bourgeoisie, having mastered the modern craft and industrial means of production, was compelled, at least in its youth, to make a series of anti-feudal, which means democratic, revolutions so as to further develop those means and take both economic and political power. On the contrary, the Russo-Chinese bourgeoisie of a new type stole political power from the most advanced and most historically revolutionary class by coup, plunder and deceit, so that it could own the latter’s means of production, thus becoming the ultimate parasitic class, the ultimate political and ideological reaction in the history of mankind.

The main reason however behind Russia’s and China’s preparation for a new division and repartition of the world by force is that they are imperialistic countries that sat late round the table of imperialist division of the world, where the old downward imperialistic powers (US, Europe, Japan) still prevail financially and scientific-technically. So, Russia and China can only win world hegemony by force, which means by launching a world colonial war of conquest, following in the footsteps of the war German and Japanese imperialists had launched when they also found themselves at a disadvantage in the middle of the last century. Through this neo-hitleric war which they are planning, the Russo-Chinese imperialists hope to not only eliminate their old-time imperialistic rivals – originally the EU and Japan, which are economically too rich but politically and militarily too weak – but also to conquer their own rich and technologically overdeveloped countries which are generally democratic today and turn them into colonies, just as the old Hitler’s axis tried and partly achieved, before being totally crushed, regarding the developed countries of Europe it had occupied. Only after such a conquest will Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China try to attack and occupy the US. This strategic plan of social-imperialist Russia was firstly diagnosed by the greatest Marxist of our era, Mao Zedong, which means even before socialist China would turn into a valuable ally of the first.

The preliminary acts of aggression preparing the world war have already been made firstly by Russia, which has attacked Europe (Ukraine) while encircling it (intervention in Syria and formerly in Georgia), and then by China which tries to incorporate the whole South China Sea preparing for the attack on Japan and the whole South-East Asia, thus reversing the last anti-Chinese colonial war of fascist Japan. As a result of this ambitious aim of theirs, both aggressive countries have been over-arming themselves at higher speed in comparison to any of their potential victims.

In order to reach this goal, the Russo-Chinese war alliance is compelled to form a world fascist politico-ideological front that would prepare for and organise such violence also inside every country, whether a potential victimizer or a potential victim of its aggression. The most methodically refined world politico-ideological platform of this front, having already being drawn up by the leader of neo-Hitler’s axis, Putin’s Russia, is the “fourth political theory” by the pseudo-philosopher in the service of the Russian army Alexander Dugin. According to this, the fascists, pseudo-communists, and all nationalistic, religious and cultural reaction and barbarism of old or new type on earth must unite in a front against the chief enemy of mankind which, in Dugin’s view, is the ideology of the enlightenment and neo-liberalism.
The neo-Hitler’s fascist axis either will finally be able to launch the war it is preparing for, and in that case it will be crushed by the world antifascist front that would inevitably set up against it by the majority of the peoples and countries of the world, or this antifascist front will be set up very soon, as now fascism has already been seen marching, and prevent this axis from launching the most terrible and monstrous war of all times.

Which of the two will occur first depends on how strong will be the participation of the working class in the antifascist front and on whether or not it will have a leading position in it. For the time being, wherever there is an antifascist movement in the world the working class has a very little or zero participation as a politically organised class. That’s why the leading position in these fronts is almost everywhere taken by the bourgeoisie, either the pro-western national bourgeoisie (Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Venezuela, Philippines etc.) or the liberal imperialistic one (France, Germany, Britain etc.), which by their exploitative nature are prone to conciliation, subjugation, or worse – particularly as to the western monopolistic anti-labourers – cooperation with the eastern fascist state-monopolists.

However, this situation will be inevitably reversed. Because through the onslaught of fascism in both EU and the US as well as in the Third World we are very close to reversing the main reason why the working class there doesn’t organisationally resist fascism while a part of it, namely the most economically exploited and politically backward one, supports it. This reason is the following: The eastern fascist monopoly, having seized political and economic power through class treason, namely through deception of the working class in both most legendary first socialist countries, Russia and China who had a guiding role in the world labour movement, has managed to put its agents inside this movement and poison it with its anti-labour, anti-Marxist and anticommunist ideology. To effectively achieve this, meaning without this reactionary ideology being spotted as such by the workers, it had to veil it from the very first moment of power usurpation in the USSR in 1956 under Marxist, communist and generally leftist and revolutionary cover. That’s why there are no greater counterrevolutionaries and fascist hypocrites than the pseudo-leftists who are open or hidden friends of Russian and Chinese imperialisms. We call this kind of fascism and imperialism social-fascism and social-imperialism respectively, as they deceit the leftist and most progressive and class-orientated labour masses.

Today, after almost 60 years of ceaseless pseudo-leftist demagogy, the social-fascists and social-imperialists take a big and highly dangerous for them but also compulsory risk: For the first time they compel their “leftist”, “revolutionary”, “communist”, “pro-workers”, and “anti-capitalist” agents to openly or half-openly support in every country the classical fascists of the old type, the political descendants of Hitler, Quisling and Petain, the descendants of the colonialist torturers and butchers of every kind. This happens because the Russo-Chinese social-imperialists are now very close to launching their war and have to urgently search for alliances with the most aggressive, the most classical imperialistic, the most stinky colonialist scams in every imperialist country as with the latter’s servants and Nazi collaborators in every dependent by imperialism country.

The most revealing, the most awakening for all democratic people of the world, and for that reason the most typical of the new era political step of Putin’s pseudo-leftist agents was Melenchon’s decision to break up the 15-year-long democratic antifascist front, the so-called “republican front”, and actually prevent the left that had voted for him from casting the only ballot of the 2nd round that could block the way to fascism’s immediate rise to power. The fact that the first political mainstream to bluntly break up the “republican front” in France, giving thus a big impulse to the dramatically rising fascist camp in the whole world, has a leftist and labour form, gives the true left-leaning people in France and in the whole world an opportunity to seriously think for the first time what is leftist in word while it is rightist and fascist in deeds. Today it has been proven that the more aggressively “anti-capitalistic” the false left tries to appear – especially the false communism and the false revolution – the more rightist and fascist it can be. This is an ascertainment that the truly progressive people in Europe and the whole world will soon make. They have already begun to waver after the world pseudo-left gave its support or tolerance to the Russian bombings of hospitals in Syria, or to Maduro’s fascist regime, or to the Russian Nazi invaders of Donetsk and Lugansk. Now with Melenchon we have come full circle.

Now the peoples will more and more clearly view what OAKKE has been denouncing as an international “red”-brown front. Both in our country and globally, this has been politically and ideologically prepared for decades by the presentation of bourgeois economic liberalism or neo-liberalism rather than fascism as the chief enemy of the peoples. This attitude is in open conflict with the general line of the communists whenever somewhere in the world a rising fascist imperialism arises. For the peoples of Europe in particular the formation of the “red”-brown front of Melenchon-Le Pen has been politically and ideologically prepared by the social-fascist poison-instillers of the left through their hysterical insistence on the presentation of the voluntarily united- and for that democratic- EU as the chief enemy of the peoples of Europe, rather than the fascist China and Russia, which have become the biggest prisons for their peoples.

Particularly the Greek proletariat – that has been choked off as no other European proletariat in the clutches of social-fascism – can now be awakened if it could realise how common the political platforms of the pseudo-left and the Nazis of Chrysi Avgi (“Golden Dawn”) in all serious internal and international questions are – pro-Russian and pro-Chinese in deed – except for the migrants’ issue where simply the one is supplementary to the other. (In fact the pseudo-left wants open borders for all without exception economic migrants, while the Nazis undertake to freely terrorise them and build upon the hatred of the jobless towards them, the Nazi future of the country). What the truly leftist and class conscious workers should more and more think about is, actually, how much the Greek pseudo-left has not only accepted but also fought for the complete legalisation of the Nazis – against the democratic appeal to outlaw them – and for their “right” to be legislators and arbiters of bourgeois democracy inside Parliament that means to be the first and so far the only open Nazis inside a Parliament across Europe.

Even the more so, the real leftist and the class conscious workers must pay special attention to and think over the common anti-European hysteria among the pseudo-left (SYRIZA, pseudo-CPG) and the Nazis and realise that the European creditors are not the ones that mainly profit from the bankruptcy of the country. These are actually the Russo-Chinese state-capitalists who have been purchasing the key-sectors of the economy and lately of the Greek political power almost for free (Pegasus Publishing Co., Mega Channel to be taken by Savvidis). They should also notice that the long-lasting sabotage of industrial production on various, usually environmental, pretexts by the pseudo-left is at the root of the extremely deep and prolonged Greek economic crisis. The industrial sabotage is today frantically carried on by SYRIZA through the over-taxation and the methodical strangling of the bank credit. They should also notice that the pseudo-left who pretends to struggle for workers’ jobs and salaries not only never resists the governmental industrial sabotage in every working place but it helps it energetically with never ending strikes (usually by using repressive undemocratic means against the workers’ union) which aim not at the winning of the necessary wage-increases or jobs by the workers but at economically exhausting and finally shutting the already shaky by the crisis big industrial plants down (e.g. steel mills in Aspropyrgos in 2012). Typical of this is the fact that the pseudo-left, and the pseudo-CPG in particular, have never organized a strike, not for half a day, not even a protest movement against the workers’ prison of the Chinese COSCO, which owns now the port of Piraeus, a workplace where the pseudo-CPG has the control over the atypically existing union and where the fundamental labour rights have been abolished.

Following the same logic – the logic of the destruction of any true labor movement and any true unionist democratic organization in the first-grade trade unions, so that the new colonial Russo-Chinese bosses would face a non-organized working class – the Greek pseudo-left has led the employees into the most tragic conditions from where the worst bosses, big and mostly small ones, have benefited so as to physically exhaust and steal wages, working-hours and of course insurance rights from the employees.

Of course, the worst thing those social-fascist agents of the new bosses of the country have been doing is that they prevent the workers from turning against the governments of the saboteurs, especially the SYRIZA government, which shuts down factories and other enterprises in many ways and blocks huge industrial and touristic investments (e.g. Tesla electric car factory, investment in Elliniko) that could increase the demand for labor and thus pull the workers from deadly joblessness while the wages and the working conditions could become somehow humane.
Greece is the only European country where the employees can easily understand that their chief enemy in the bread issue is not so much the western exploitative capital but the eastern one, which combines the sabotage of production for its competitors and a political and unionist counter-democracy for the whole country and mostly for those same employees.
That’s why the subtitle of this announcement says that never before has the working class been so far removed from the consciousness of its own interests and never before so close to regaining it.

There is no doubt that true red labour days are coming. Labour days that won’t be the boring and with low participation ceremonies of the social-fascist regime, but the earthshaking labour days of the new more conscious than ever before revolutionary communist proletariat that will emerge from the unveiling and the overthrow of the social-fascist traitors to Marxism and to the proletarian revolution.

The working class is destined to wake up anew and deepen its analysis on its aims, strategy and tactics through its vanguard struggle not just for bread and jobs but also for political democracy. This, in the philosophic language of dialectical materialism, is called progress through the negation of the negation, which means the negation of the traitors that negated revolution.

Athens, May 1, 2017