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  • Κυριακή, 06 Αυγούστου 2006
The fascist Hezbollah provoked this war with the purpose of subjugating Lebanon to Syria and making Russia the regulator in the Middle East issue   Nearly the whole nation has sided with the fascist Hezbollah against Israel, as it had done similarly a few years ago when it sided with the Serb perpetrators of ethnic cleansing against
the peoples of Yugoslavia. As then, the pseudo-leftists, the far-rightists and the neo-nazis are once again in the lead of this “national line”. Each one of them holds his own arguments but they all agree that the right is always in opposing the side supported by the USA. Foremost, they use the Palestinian liberation struggle as a means of demonizing the State of Israel. However, as there are two sides to everything, so it is with the Israeli issue.
The first side, and the most important, is that this state was born in order to shelter the Jews from the czar’s pogroms and the large-scale Nazi genocide. This was the basic reason it was recognized by the anti-fascist camp of the Second World War against Arab reaction and with the persistence of the then socialist USSR. It was only after Suslov, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, all great-Russian and anti-Semites, had seized power and turned the USSR into an imperialistic-fascist country that the latter sided with the Arab chauvinists and the pan-Islamists, and poisoned the labor and the anti-imperialistic movements all over the world with a new type of anti-Semitism concealed under the cover of “anti-Zionism”. Since then, both classical and pseudo-leftist anti-Semites pursue, directly or indirectly, the goal of the destruction of the Israeli state.
On the other hand however, Israel, a nation of oppressed people when formed, became in turn an oppressor, following in the pattern of nearly every bourgeois state during the first phase of its formation. Hence, its most chauvinistic tendency adopted a policy of expansion and regional hegemony mainly at the expense of the Palestinians; a policy that was soon set in the service of the then rising US imperialism. The fascist regimes of Syria and Iran backed up by the Kremlin exploited this policy in order to set up within the Palestinian and the Lebanese liberation movements their agents, the organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, that have as their declared objective the elimination of the Jews of Israel. These organizations became popular through the monetary aid coming from the Iranian oil-revenues, which they used to bribe the poor population by establishing “charity” networks. At this point Russia and Syria coordinated their efforts with the Israeli chauvinists and the now declining US imperialists, in order to oust the national bourgeoisie of Palestine (Fatah-Arafat) from the leadership of the Palestinian struggle and to bring Hamas to power. In Lebanon also, Russia and Syria exploited the Israeli military intervention of 1978-2000, as well as the mistakes of Fatah, and managed to gain the political and military hegemony in this country through Hezbollah.
However, recently, the patriotic anti-Syrian front in Lebanon, after having ousted the Syrian army, began demanding the Hezbollah’s disarmament, while in the Palestinian territories the Fatah began challenging the new dictatorial power of Hamas. It was at this exact moment that Hamas and Hezbollah launched their coordinated attack against Israel, so that the Israeli armed forces would retaliate; then the patriotic forces of Palestine and Lebanon would be forced to stand behind these two organizations forming an anti-Israeli front, which is a successfully tested tactic in the past. Characteristically, Hezbollah and Hamas had already attacked Israel 6 years after it had unconditionally withdrawn from Lebanon and again lately after it had unconditionally withdrawn from Gaza despite intense conflict with the Israeli settlers. Israel was in fact attacked while retreating, clearly demonstrating that the intention of Hezbollah and Hamas was not to push it back but strategically to destroy it as a state and tactically to provoke it.
Therefore it is not the Palestinian national-democratic movement nor the Lebanese patriotic movement that have risen up against Israel now, but the agents of Syria and Iran that have no desire for an independent Palestinian state beside the state of Israel, nor for an independent Lebanon.
The Hezbollah claims that they are not the aggressors and that it was Israel that attacked Lebanon under the pretext of the abduction of two Israeli soldiers. They omit the fact that this act was accompanied by the immediate murder of another eight soldiers and by the launching of rockets against Israel, while Hezbollah has been launching hundreds of rockets against Israel for the past 6 years victimizing civilians. Which country in the world would allow on its borders the undisturbed existence of such an army slaughtering civilians and openly declaring as its target the intent to wipe that country off the map?
Devoid of solid arguments, the Hezbollah and its friends accuse the Israelis of resembling Hitler in implementing the policy of collective punishment by bombarding civilians. It is not the first time that anti-Semites pose the matter of the death of civilians as their basic argument. For decades pro-Nazi historians have been accusing the allied forces as being equally or even more brutal than Hitler’s because of the bombings of German cities. On the other hand, ironically none of these friends of the Hezbollah seem to have been touched by the 200.000 dead civilians of Bosnia which were victims of targeted ethnic cleansing, nor by the 20.000 dead civilians of Grozny from the genocidal Russian bombardments, nor have they ever uttered a word against Assad when he levelled with bombardments the Syrian city of Hama in 1982 and slaughtered 20.000 civilians in order to exterminate the “Muslim Brothers”.
In this particular instance the Israeli army had no reason whatsoever to provoke its own international political isolation by targeting civilians. On the contrary civilians are targeted by Hezbollah’s army that drops its missiles and gloats over the number of dead, in the same way that Hamas takes pride in the murder of the 1.700 civilians, victims of its suicide-bombers, in Israel. In fact, most of the deaths in Lebanon are the direct result of the provocative war that Hezbollah has been conducting. This organization purposely launches rockets against Israel from sites based in Lebanese cities and villages and deliberately uses civilian buildings, even hospitals, as military headquarters and ammunition storage areas. The aim is to win the sympathy of world public opinion through a vast number of casualties. The friends of Hezbollah argue that only a fascist army would bomb residential areas when they harbor guerilla warfare. However in this case, there are no partisans firing against an occupational army. What we have here is an unprovoked missile attack, launched from within heavily populated cities against the civilians of a neighboring country.
Any way you look at it, today Hitler is siding with the Hezbollah-Hamas front, or to pose it differently, with the Syrian-Iranian-Russian front. We will see this more clearly when it becomes apparent that this provocative attack by Hezbollah will have resulted in the strengthening of the position of Putin’s neo-nazi Russia in the Middle East.
Athens, 6/8/2006
(Both in relation with the international aspect of this issue and with the stand of the Greek political forces and public opinion where the first paragraph mainly refers)