Εκτύπωση αυτής της σελίδας


  • Σάββατο, 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2003
The demonstration of Saturday supported by the government and all of the political parties is a demonstration in favor of war.
It is a war that has already been declared with the decision No 1441 of UN and it is carried out by the permanent members of the Security Council of UN, and basically from the two superpowers as follows: The USA hold their revolver against the head of Saddam, and Russia, on the base of this threat, exhausts and blackmails the Saddam regime in order to make petroleum contracts (jointly with France) and, thus, achieves a deep political infiltration in the Iraqi regime aiming at the fall of Saddam and her dominance. The disagreement between the two superpowers is found as follows: Russia wants this type of war to be continued, the war of inspectors, while the USA wants to shatter completely the Iraqi regime and finally to have control in the after - Saddam era over Iraq and the whole Gulf. Russia wants the American fleet in the Gulf and constant extensions of inspections through the Security Council. The USA wants halt of inspections, general attack now and fall of Saddam.
The tomorrow's coordinated international wave of demonstrations against the potential war of the USA and not against the on going war of the UN and the decision 1441 offers help only to a new extension in the Security Council, that is to say help to the Russian war at the expense of the American one, but by no means help to Iraq and to peace. It is not accidental that the previous international wave of demonstrations was coordinated in late January before the new extension of inspections that was decided by the Security Council. In the mid-time the demonstrations stop, as happens each time that the inspectors should be left to concentrate in the work of blackmails, deterioration of Iraqi regime and humiliation of Iraq. Is there, really, greatest hypocrisy than to claim that wanting peace in Iraq means to ask Iraq's disarmament as the organizers of tomorrow's government supported and simultaneously pro-Russian international demonstration does? The Iraqi regime is fascist, but its overthrow, as long as it does not attack anyone, is an affair of Iraqi people. In any case as long as the imperialists have nuclear weapons, and in particular as long as the greatest today's fascist regimes, that is to say Russian and Chinese, have volumes of nuclear weapons, the Iraqi regime also has the same right.