Εκτύπωση αυτής της σελίδας


  • Τετάρτη, 24 Απριλίου 2002
Independent Palestine-Safe Israel   Down with modern anti-Semitism              
The real profound antagonism in the Palestinian issue is not a clash between the Israelis and the Palestinians but, actually, between the Arab and Israeli fascists on the one hand and the Arab and Israeli people on the other. The Arab and Israeli fascists work as provocateurs and help one another.
            The Arab fascists, agents of Syria and Iran, unprovokedly massacre Israeli civilians, especially whenever both peoples go near coexistence, by using Hamas. In this way, Israel’s peaceful forces are reduced while the Israeli fascists strengthen. The latter, basically expressed by Sharon, don’t attack Hamas but the more moderate and, at the same time, more consistent national representatives of the Palestinian people expressed by Fatah stepping on the terror that the Islamic-fascists strike into the Israeli population, they destroy the infrastructure of their weak state power, they humiliate them and terrorize the whole population. In this way, the national Palestinian fractions are reduced and the Islamic-fascists strengthen.
            So, finally, both nations follow the worst forces in the interior. The Palestinians’ national bourgeoisie follow Hamas and the most progressive fractions of the Israeli bourgeoisie follow Sharon. Thus, both nations are split deeper and bleed more and more.
            No peace will ever emerge in the region unless the provocateurs’ strategy is crushed.
            The Israeli fascists’ strategy is the occupation and the parceling out of the Palestinian territory with the ultimate mopping-up objective of driving the Palestinian people out of the occupied territories. Their general tactic lies in the establishment of new Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. 
            The Arab fascists’ strategy is the elimination of the Israeli state as well as the genocidal extermination of the Jewish people. With the view to subduing every peaceful settlement, they promptly demand that all Palestinian refugees be settled in the state of Israel in order to socially and politically destroy it.
            The response to the provocateurs can only be the mutual practical recognition of both states which, as concerns Israeli side, implies the abolition of most Jewish settlements and, as to the Palestinian side, the abandonment from the claim for all refugees’ return in Israel.
            These are principal positions for every democrat on earth. However, in countries such as ours that politically side with the most reactionary aspects of the Arab and Muslim world, the main problem the democrats face is the regime’s unilateral denouncement of Israel and the justification of the Islamic-fascists’ genocidal policy. This is modern anti-Semitism. We must not forget that the recognition of the State of Israel, in 1948, was the unanimous response of the victorious anti-fascist front (USSR and Western forces) in World War II to the genocide of Jews by Hitler. The extermination, today, of civilian Jews is not an answer to the Israeli suppression, but an aggressive, programmatically established principle of Hamas. The Palestinian issue doesn’t only indicate the question of a small people claiming for its own liberation but, all the more so, is the vehicle of a new global anti-Jewish campaign where the neo-nazi Russia-China-Iran axis is about to take over from the old Hitler’s axis, on the pretext of this people’s struggle.      
Athens, April 24 2002 
(poster that was circulated at late April in Athens, Piraeus and other cities of Greece)